Starg, resistance welding

Our origins

STARG focuses its activity on the manufacture of components and consumables for Resistance Welding equipment as well as tools for the automotive industry.

With over 70 years in the field of Resistance Welding in Spain, we specialize in the manufacture of arms for welding guns, electrode holders, electrodes and caps. Our proven experience is an asset, highly valued by our customers.

Our Values

Customer Service. STARG was born in 1946 with a vocation for service, which has continued to grow year after year.

Professionalism. In order to respond to our clients, we have talented and well trained team.

Innovation. We apply Continuous Improvement Methods, and we carry out a constant upgrade of our Production Equipment.

Quality Commitment. Our goal is to be for our customers, a technologically reliable partner with quality supplies and an agile response.

We look to the future

STARG is a leading company in the manufacture of components for Resistance Welding, we believe in our possibilities and we plan our future in an ambitious way, with the vision of maintaining this leadership and making versatility and quality our raison d’être.

We will do this, with a motivated team and proud of well-done work.

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