Quality in design, manufacture and assembly

STARG has strengthened the Quality department in recent years, to increase the satisfaction of our customers.

Since August 2003 STARG has been certified ISO 9001, by TÜV Rheinland, for the Design, Manufacture and Assembly of Mechanical Assemblies.

We work with a Quality System that incorporates continuous improvement and we perform an exhaustive control of materials and dimensions.

We perform tightness and flow controls, with air pressure and water, in the parts that incorporate a cooling system.

The delivery of our products is accompanied by a material and dimensional quality certificate.

The hardness of the material is checked in 100% of the deliveries of our suppliers, as well as in the thermal treatments.

All subcontracting performed by STARG is controlled in accordance with our specifications.

The possible incidences are managed quickly and allow our customers to avoid any inconveniences in delay.

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