General Purchase Conditions

1. Scope

These General Purchase Conditions apply to all orders of goods and / or services, passed to a supplier of goods and / or services (hereinafter supplier) by Starg Bages, SL, (herinafter STARG).

In the event that there are particular conditions with the provider, accepted in writing, and that are contrary to the general conditions, the individuals prevail over the General. The particular conditions can be included in the order, or in the request for offer made by STARG.

Any modification, derogation or exception to these General Conditions, in whole or in part, will not be binding on STARG, unless it is previously and expressly accepted by STARG.

2. Order

Requests for quotations, proposals or budgets that STARG may make in relation to the supply of goods and / or services do not imply the assumption by STARG of any obligation against the Supplier.

There is a binding agreement on the part of STARG, from the moment that STARG has formulated an order in writing, and the Supplier has confirmed it expressly.

The Supplier will have to confirm the Order of STARG, by electronic response by e-mail or fax. Any modification provided by the supplier, to the clauses and conditions of the order, shall be subject to a written acceptance by STARG.

Any invoice or shipment for which the supplier is not in possession of a STARG Order will be rejected.

After 5 business days upon receipt of the order by the Supplier, this will be accepted implicitly.

In the event that the supplier carries out any subcontracting, the express approval of STARG will be required, and compliance with all contractual conditions will be required also.

3. Deliveries

Any delivery must include a delivery note, along with the goods delivered, in which must be written: STARG’s order number, the quantities and description of the goods and / or services delivered.

If the opposite is not described in the Order, the goods are delivered DAP (Incoterms 2010), to the address of STARG (Manresa). The packaging is in charge of the supplier.

4. Transfer of Ownership

The transfer of ownership will be made after the acceptance without reservations by STARG and the stipulated payment date.

The purchaser will not hold any reservation of ownership after this date, unless it has been specified in writing and with the acceptance of STARG.

5. Control and Compliance

The purchaser agrees to deliver the goods and / or services in accordance with the STARG Order, and to all the documents to which they can refer, drawings, norms, etc. … He must meet the usual quality criteria, according to the norms of the Art, as well as current and legal regulations.

STARG commits the purchaser to carry out all the controls that he considers useful and necessary to ensure this. The Purchaser will have to verify the instructions contained in the documents communicated by STARG, and transmit in writing any detected anomaly or non-conformities, which the Purchaser has been able to verify.

In the case that a merchandise, not conforming to the order, drawing or specifications giben by STARG, the Supplier agrees to collect the goods within a maximum period of 10 days, from the notification of the Not Compliance in writing, then of which STARG will have scrap the nonconforming goods, or return to the purchaser by our media.

6. Invoices

The supplier’s invoices must include the order number, the billing number, the date of the delivery note and the designations and quantities of the goods and / or services that have been delivered.

They will be sent to the Accounting Department of STARG in Manresa, by email at or on paper in duplicate. The Non Observation of this clause could trigger delays in payments, before which STARG declines all responsibility

7. Payment Terms

Payments will be made, except in particular terms accepted in writing by STARG, to 45 days plus payment day (day 20th )

8. Tools and Control Instruments entrusted to the Supplier.

The Tools and Control Instruments entrusted to the Supplier by STARG, and for the proper execution or control of the goods of an order, are the exclusive property of STARG.

The supplier must return them to STARG when they are required, in a state of operation identical to the receipt.

The provider agrees to their custody and control

9. Raw Material sent to a Purchaser

STARG reserves the right to demand a payment for the value of the raw material, in the case of rejections in the manufacture, due to defects in the level of quality of the goods.

10. Confidenciality

The Supplier agrees to an obligation of confidentiality regarding the information received from STARG and in the framework of an Order. All documents sent and / or communicated by STARG, regardless of their nature or support, must be considered confidential and therefore not disclosed to third parties, or used for the benefit of third parties, or for other purposes than those established in the contractual relationship with STARG.

11. Environment – Social Law – Health and Safety

The provider agrees to respect the legal provisions in the field of the Environment, Social Security, Health and Safety at work. It guarantees that the goods and / or services received are manufactured in accordance with labor legislation, specifically in regard to clandestine work or child exploitation.

12. Applicable legislation

All STARG orders are regulated under Commercial Law in force in Spain. The competent courts are those of the city of Manresa, Province of Barcelona.

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