Resistance Welding in Manresa, Catalonia

The STARG facilities are located in Manresa, the geographical center of Catalonia and an important communications node. Our workshop has an area of 1600m2 and advanced Production Equipment with great autonomy and flexibility.

Our Machining Centers and our CAD / CAM production system allow us to work on complicated parts and reduce manufacturing times. We also have Numerical Control Lathes, Milling Machines, Boring Machines, Benders, Extrusion Presses, etc., versatile machines in terms of capacity and dimensions.

Our workshop staff performs programming courses for the different Controls that we have, as well as training in Quality areas.

We can extrude cooling holes and we can bent and cold form up to 90º of copper round bars, up to 60mm diameter. Both processes suppose an important materials saving.

We also have a large assembly area for the assembly of tools, and welding area where we can use electric or gas welding machines. We also have a large warehouse with different alloys and formats in copper, aluminum, brass, and steel, which allows us a fast material availability.

Our heat treatment furnace makes it possible to work with certain non-standard copper alloys and our finishing equipment gives our products the look that the customer requires. These facilities also reduce delivery times dramatically.

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