Design of special welding guns and Resistance Welding tooling

Our Engineering Department has modern computer equipment, and trained staff. This allows us to support our clients in design-related activities, and provide our permanent technical advice.

We are fast and effective, which helps us in not delaying the delivery deadlines of the fininished product.

We design welding guns or we adapt special welding guns according to the customer’s needs, as well as welding tools for standard or special machines, or other fixing and transport tools.

We provide documentation for the use or approval of Resistance Welding projects, as well as the necessary to maintain a CE Certification.

We assist the Production Department to optimize the production processes and the use of raw materials, in order to reduce the final manufacturing costs and increase the quality of the finished product.

The Technical Office carries out an updated training, to keep up to date with regard to software and design issues.

Welding Guns Design Phase I

Based on customer specifications, lengths, strokes, efforts, etc., an outline or sketch is generated to specify the possible variations and add to the drawing the measures that will be important for its construction.

Design of Welding Jigs Phase I

Our customers ask us for the design of applications for Resistance Welding of Bolts, Nuts, or different types of plates. The customer give us as starting information, the models of the product to be welded, the type of machine that they want to use, the requested production, etc …

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