Arms for Welding Guns

  • Arms for welding guns. We manufacture cylindrical arms, starting from a round bar, in the main Copper Alloys. The arms can be bent or press-bent and including the accessories that each manufacturer of welding guns requires for their cooling system and assembly. As the electrical current inputs, reinforcements, guides for the mobile arm, etc… Brazed in silver or with MIG brazing in copper.
  • Copper Casted Arms, CrZr or NiSi alloys, or Bronze with the cooling system incorporated or machined after the casting is made. We use a special test system to check the foundry in our facilities. We ensure the tightness of the cooling system at 10bar with air, in pressure on the closed circuit and full of water.
  • 3D arms. The arms with special curves in 2D or 3D, are machined in 5-axis machining centers. Previously we take dimensional measurements of the main volume of the product.
  • Arms in aluminum with surface coatings, copper, nickel plated, silver plated, with internal or external cooling system, assembled completely at STARG.
  • Arms for Manual Welding Guns.

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